MOM, Singapore streamlines their workflow with eReview-Documentum

The Business Challenge

The Ministry of Manpower(MOM), Singapore needs to handle loads of official documents, tenders, standard policies in electronic forms. ECM practice for MOM has been so far successfully implemented by FujiXerox. Being a key innovator in the Enterprise Content Management arena, Fuji Xerox provides a suite of extensive document management, content management and document solutions.

Official documents naturally are in a diverse range of formats. The key challenge was anytime, anywhere access to these formats as and when required and generation of individual remarks on a document review and approval workflow process. Moreover, being steered through various hierarchies and levels of officials, different access grants and privileges were required be defined for each user group handling these documents.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • The web-based document review and retrieval system had to integrate seamlessly with MOM’s Documentum WebTop implementation. WebTop document list user interface had to be customized to reflect status of documents annotated by eReview
  • Role-based access to the documents depending on the organizational hierarchy had to be defined. The View and Redline software required to have the capability to adapt to different types of user profiles since users of the system would be categorized into different levels according to their functional privileges and rights
  • There had to be a clear indication of owner of the annotation along with the time last modified
  • Automation of save and load of annotations as a separate layer on the base document had to be implemented


The Solution


The solution successfully automates the processing and routing of crucial documents and records related to review and approval of Government documents vaulted in Documentum ECM repository.

  • Shows indicator icons for documents annotated by eReview in documents listed in WebTop interface with the name of the user created it and the time it is last modified
  • eReview UI being highly intuitive and configurable allows different personalized custom profiles to be set for different users groups. All the features and functionalities made available to a particular user are bound by stringent access rights and privileges
  • Access to the capabilities of the eReview system has been customized to match the security requirements of the document, based on a user’s group membership in the Document Management System. For example, individuals who only need to view, does not have annotation rights. Users who need to make comments can do so, but can not change other users’ comments. Individuals with supervisory access can manipulate all annotations and markups, with relevant auditing provided for by the Document Management System
  • The distributed architecture ensures high scalability and high availability. Components of the solution were made redundant through clustering and the built-in fail-over and load-balancing capabilities of the software

The Bottomline Advantage:


The eReview-Documentum WebTop integrated solution ensured an excellent return on investment for MOM:

  • The integrated solution streamlines the operations for MOM, allowing them to process lot more review and approval of different kind of documents in a single web based viewer interface while adhering to the complex regulatory compliance of a Government agency
  • The application automates the natural business processes of user profiling, and their respective rights and privileges, in the process
  • This sequential review paradigm allows the entire team to work collaboratively to generate, track and manage the complete lifecycle of in-process applications

Company Profile

MOM, Singapore, an organization under the Ministry of Singapore enables Singaporean workers to enhance their skills and realize their potential and enables them combat un-employment
Company Website

Industry: Government

Primary Business Requirement:
Manage,review and process huge amount of critical documents related to process Government daily activities and workflows. Provide role-based access to these documents whilst conforming to certain regulatory compliance guidelines

Web4’s Solution: Web4’ Document Management and Imaging solution :eReview integrated with Documentum 5.4 ECM