Product Profile

To facilitate document review, staff and management need to view, mark-up and approve many different document types online, including spreadsheets, word-processor files, PDF documents, CAD drawings and images. eReview provides users the capability to easily view and mark-up in-process documents and drawings without the originating software that created them. eReview takes enterprise document view, mark-up and print functionality to a whole new plane by offering real-time collaboration, synchronous and asynchronous review processes, web-conferencing and much more. eReview enables organizations to work with hundreds of file formats, including raster and scanned images, Office documents, CAD models, and many other file formats, all from within a single browser interface. Document centric on-line meetings, parallel and sequential review processes are supported from both within and outside of any ECM’s workflow system.

  • At the core, eReview is an Intelligent Viewer with an extensive multi-layer Annotation paradigm to support both Sequential and Parallel review systems
  • Annotations are saved in corollary files with date and timestamp and remain associated with the base document – can be easily retrieved later
  • Retains and reads the intelligence of files- layers and blocks in AutoCAD, bookmarks in PDF, Image Brightness, Aliasing etc. in Raster
  • Supports a very powerful streaming technology where large multipage documents can be viewed extremely fast as the pages are streamed from the server to the client progressively.
  • eReview extends a view and markup solution to a comprehensive meeting-enabled collaborative platform that supports both synchronous and asynchronous document collaboration
  • eReview’s synchronous mode allows all reviewers to “co-view” and “co-markup” documents in a real-time meeting environment
  • eReview has a rich set of APIs that allows easy integration with any ECM/DM product .It also comes ready with a no. of integrations with OpenText, FileNet, Documentum, eMatrix/ENOVIA, Siebel, Xerox Docushare.
  • The UI is intuitive and highly customizable and configurable to support role-based user profiling
  • Each review session can be recorded for playback at a later time leaving audit trails with date and timestamp
  • Server-centric, Zero-client Administration solution