Customizability & Modularity

Roll your own viewer: Customizable graphical user interface (GUI)

  • Present toolbars with configurable tools (buttons), according to selected preferences on user roles
  • Configuration parameters are in XML format and easy to read and change
  • Configure menus and menu options
  • Change your applet user interface layout by dock, undock, move or float toolbar operations
  • Enhance or reduce toolbar size by adding or deleting buttons
    Create new buttons and new actions to add new features in base eReview application

Easy Administration: Intuitive UI to control server-side parameters

  • Full-fledged administration module for eReview administrators
  • Control Server-side parameters through “Administration Module” interface
  • Create and modify “User Roles” on-demand Set “User Profiles” to provide role-based user access. Set User’s Interface (UI), according to the ones saved in “user profiles”
  • Intuitive graphical user interface to have an instant preview of the changes made
    Customize color scheme of the graphical user interface


  • Full viewing modularity: When viewing different formats, only the required viewing modules load, resulting in a very thin and on-demand applet
  • Thin-client, lightweight java applet with minimum size of 1MB