Markup & Annotation

Extensive Markups and Annotations

  • Extensive, Multi-layered, Multi-author, Secure markup paradigm
  • Very easy-to-use and intuitive text-based and graphical markup/annotation tools, intelligent markups retain the information about the authors, date and timestamp
  • Color coding is applied to individual reviewer’s annotations; Easy to trace each others annotation in a collaborative simultaneous redline operation
  • Composite Markups allows creation of many derivatives of markups
  • Markers (Yellow lines), Question Marks Exclamation, Custom Stamps available
  • Associate text messages with specific parts of a document with Call-outs
  • Create customized stamps for user action in an approval workflow system
  • Comment on documents through easy-to-use, threaded comment markups; Multiple users can add their comments anywhere on the documents that get saved as threaded comments, providing history of all discussions3333
  • Exchange markups across documents of different types; Consolidate markups created by a number of users
  • Optionally burn annotations into the document using eReview save as tool. It makes easy to create quick snaps of the current state of the annotated document. These files can be sent as an email or even inserted into the workflow of an external DMS
  • Never miss out on others’ comments! Easy-to-use, simple, explorer-like navigation controls to navigate documents, pages within documents and markups/annotations