Customization of viewing system for Paxonix Inc.

The Business Challenge

As an application service provider (ASP), Paxonix is the pioneer and leader in packaging development information technology. Paxonix develops tools and services that apply the concepts of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to package design and development for their customers-leaders in the consumer packaged goods industry across food-and-beverage, health-and-beauty, and other consumable products. Paxonix supplies the first integrated toolset designed specifically to meet business requirements of packaging industry – to speed and improve package development and leverage investment in product lifecycle management software.

Being a large player and a service provider in the packaging and distribution industries, Paxonix had invested already in a workflow management, Packaging project management and document vaulting system. The need was to have a viewing technology that can be integrated with its existing systems and also blend with the overall strategy of services provided by Paxonix.

In an online project management scenario, Paxonix wanted to provide easy sharing of information between teams managing their project online using Paxonix’s services.

Some of the technical and business challenges were:

  • A system that can serve customers with variety of IT experience: Easy-to-use, configurable interface
  • Tighter integration with Paxonix’s infrastructure
  • Secured transmission of all content being viewed on the Internet
  • Flexibility to add custom features as foreseen by Paxonix through its market research and wish-lists of their customers
  • Zero-client system to serve customers on the Internet
  • Multiple environments
  • Saving of the viewing and collaborative sessions for record-keeping and history
  • Displaying high resolution documents in browsers using viewables (raster formats visualization)
  • Integration with existing PLM System
  • Enhanced Print functionality

Company Profile

Paxonix, a division of MeadWestvaco, a $6 billion leader in the packaging industry, drives business success by accelerating branding and packaging processes across the entire enterprise, improving quality and reducing rework.
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Industry: Packaging ASP

Primary Business Requirement:
Needed a multi-format viewing technology that could be integrated with its existing systems

Web4’s Solution: eReview and eMatrix integration


The Solution

Web4 not only integrated its viewing solution with the back-end systems at Paxonix, but also customized it to a great extent. Some of the tasks done by Web4 for Paxonix include:

  • Completely customized user interface
  • Integration with knowledge management backend, internal product customizations to support Paxonix specific integration requirements
  • Custom features added in eReview, desktop sharing, polling, and record/playback
  • Complete custom viewing/document sharing model (converting all documents to raster PNG (.png) for portability, easier management, protecting native)
  • Developed rendition server product to provide a tool to convert all documents to viewable.
  • Customized meeting and conferencing model
  • Enhanced 3D modeling system including VRML 1.0 support
  • Assisted Paxonix with the design of their own content management JSP

The Bottom-Line Advantage

  • Zero-client and zero-signature solution: ideal for an application service provider (ASP) such as Paxonix
  • Branding and customization of the system to blend with the overall services provided by Paxonix
  • Short learning-curve: ideal for ASPs dealing with customers with varied IT experience
  • An Integrated Solution Set of project, workflow and asset-management tools, with specification management and reporting features and full collaboration capabilities
  • Ability to support client machines on Mac environments: essential for ASPs like Paxonix
  • Ability to view and render documents in variety of formats (including high resolution)

Customized look of eReview