Optimizes Customer Service with eReview-Siebel for DHL

The Business Challenge

Being the principal provider of postal services for Germany it was imperative
for DHL to daily handle and process volumes of postal documents and records. These documents would typically be generated within their existing Siebel repository. DHL needed to view these documents from the Siebel repository on-demand, based on certain user access protocols and eventually annotate them as and when required. Markup permissions were required to be set for specific user groups so that the storing/administration of markups were
transparent and secure.

The Solution

The integrated solution ensures superior customer service for DHL enabling them to reach their customers and process their request in time.

  • eReview being seamlessly integrated with Siebel, documents from the Siebel repository are viewed the eReview viewer and annotations are stored back to the Siebel repository for later retrieval
  • eReview API commands are applied for opening documents and saving markup files from eReview to Siebel. The eReview java applet is instantiated from a call from the symbolic link to the eReview servlet. Depending on the business rules and privileges set, eReview product interface can be scaled from novice to advanced users. The markup rules engine is customized according to user access rights and privileges
  •  This integration also confirms that eReview works with the Siebel user name specific to the organization rather than with the technical user of the client operating system


Bottomline ROI:

  • The solution enables DHL to provide superior customer service by helping them process customer requests in least time
  • The integrated solution allowed easy and quick viewing and annotation of documents on-demand thereby saving greatly minimizing the length of the decision making cycle
    Any authorized user can retrieve and stamp an image or a document from the Siebel repository thus greatly streamlining the entire workflow
  • Web-based view and annotation collaboration results in faster and cheaper processing of documents

Company Profile

DHL provides postal,
logistics and courier
services to customers worldwide. It is a part of Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN), that employs half a million people in 220
countries and territories, and generates revenue of
over 50 billion annually



Primary Business Requirement:
Viewing and annotation of documents directly from Siebel repository depending on specific user privileges

Web4’ Solution:
eReview, eReview Siebel