Agilent Technologies 

Integration of eReview with Business Process at Agilent Technologies

The Business Challenge

Agilent has facilities in more than 30 countries and develops products at manufacturing sites in the U.S., China, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and the U.K. Agilent Labs has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, with additional sites in Japan, Scotland and China. With approximately 1.8,000 employees throughout the world, the company serves customers in more than 110 countries. Agilent had created an Internet-enabled value chain backbone based on eMatrix platform and had a need to view and markup the files stored in the secure document repositories. Agilent also wanted to collaborate and share the information stored within the document repositories.

Some of the technical and business challenges were:

  • Physically Dispersed: need for Internet-based solution
  • Multiple environments
  • Integration with existing PLM System
  • Extended Print functionality
  • Integration with Oracle ERP system
  • Ability to support diverse type of documents originated from variety of design tools


The Solution

Web4 integrated its document viewing technology with the existing systems at Agilent. These were:

  • Existing document management system
  • Oracle ERP system
  • Diverse suite of engineering tools, including the Design Automation (DA) tool environments from Mentor Graphics and CoCreate and various other applications
  • eReview tightly integrated with Engineering Central Application so that Engineering Central user authentication and security retained in eReview

Company Profile

Agilent delivers innovative technologies,solutions and servicesto a wide range ofcustomers in communications,electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis.
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Industry: Electronics

Primary Business Requirement:
Seamless integration of a view and markup solution to the company’s existing supply chain.

Web4’s Solution: eReview integrated with Oracle ERP solution and other applications.


The Bottom Line Advantage

  • Integrated design processes into its supply chain using eReview
  • No need of originating applications cuts the license costs dramatically
  • Internet-based solution to have access from anywhere in the World
  • Distributed server architecture for scalability
  • Deployed on multiple platforms without changing any existing infrastructure
  • Flexibility to extend print functions across the enterprise
  • Reduced the decision making cycle, and eventually reduced the time-to-market for Agilent’s products
  • Less Administrative costs
  • Collaboration, Viewing and marking up-all combined in one at no extra costs
  • Less Training costs: Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • Server-centric: easy to maintain solution

eReview and eMatrix
integration at Agilent