File Conversion

File Conversion
eReview Viewing Engine extends to support Document Conversion through a solution called Rendition Server. Rendition Server can be used to augment eReview or can be used independently as well . It is Web Application, leveraging the SOAP mechanism. It is actually a Web Service enabling remote execution of the conversion processes. These processes convert files from native formats into lightweight viewables and thumbnails in any size, resolution and color-depths. Rendition Server may be used as an interactive web service to convert files one at a time, or as a batch process to convert any number of files offline. The viewables and thumbnails may be used to easily publish the lightweight documents pictures on the Internet or for other purposes.

The viewables can be in any of the formats described below:

7777Raster Viewable Formats:
Two-dimensional file formats that can be viewed directly in a browser. Multiple pages in a document are represented by a separate viewable for each page. These viewables can be of any output raster format such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

PDF Viewable Format:
PDF file format that can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat.

Lightweight representation of original files/pages that can be displayed as small icons for quicker access. These can be of any output raster format such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG.